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TV Stands as Home Décor

Television stands are a necessary evil in life. The stand itself is often not an attractive piece of furniture. It is hard to match to existing furniture pieces in a room as well. However, it is a required piece of furniture in any room that houses a television set. Therefore, TV stands are often thought of as the “eyesore” in the room.

A few options do exist however to lessen this line of thought. For example, elaborate TV stands or entertainment centers can be purchased that serve as the focal point in a room. This is the unwilling purpose of a TV stand as a whole so why not show it off in something fancy. The only drawback to this option is that entertainment centers often carry a hefty price tag making it an unaffordable option for many.

A more affordable, not to mention easy, solution is to accent the TV stand with pieces that will create a beautiful focal point area as opposed to a room “eyesore”. Flowers and floral arrangements are perfect for this. Place some well thought floral arrangements around the TV stand to detract from its negative features. This will not only create a more soothing visual affect but the room as a whole will brighten up with flowers. Other great floral options are small potted plants and trees that can easily be maintained indoors.

Invest a little money in a television armoire. This attractive furniture piece can often be obtained for less than a price home entertainment center while still providing the same benefits. The most attractive feature of an armoire is that when the television is not in use, there are doors to hide its existence. These doors are typically wood or glass and match the accent layout of the rest of the furniture piece. The doors slide open and push back to reveal the hidden television set inside. That way, even when the TV is on, it still presents a more appealing visual point in a room.

As technology advances, there is a move towards LCD and plasma flat screen television sets. This virtually eliminates the need for a TV stand in the first place. These television sets are mounted to the wall utilizing a series of brackets and screws. This is great for small spaces that do not have room for a traditional TV stand.

Drawing from this idea, standard television sets are mountable from the ceiling via a hanging mechanism. This is similar to the televisions that are featured in many hospital rooms. A setup such as this still allows for the television to be the focal point of a room without taking up any unnecessary space.

TV stands start with a basic design and expand from there. There are TV stands available in every price range. Choosing the right one for any particular home is going to greatly depend on personal preference. Much like the television sets themselves, what works for one home may not work in another based on varying factors such a room size and television type. The important thing to remember is there are plenty of TV stands options to match any home décor.

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