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52 Inch Tv Stand

This is an 63 Inch tv stand that comes with a tv-stand, org and shelves. The stand extends 20 led lights and checkout.

Sliding Tv Stand

This sliding tv stand with mount is for the most of tv stands, it's meant to slide up or down the wall to free up space in the living room or bedroom. The stand extends two trackers which you can use to move the tv stand in any direction, the stand is conjointly to ensure position change and a safe haven for your tv. This sturdy tv stand extends a floor tv stand system which assures that it can stand on end or stability when your tv is on, the swivel mount offers a comfortable seated position for your tv (and while the console shelf offers space to store dinner eggs, candy bars, or any other tv-related items you might need while the tv is on. The swivel mount can be attached to the barn door'sbolts for security, or can be secured with magnets to the barn door's outer rim, this rustic farmhouse television stand is sterling for the giving day, or as for watching television outside. The high-quality and strong post is designed to last by features a sturdy door that will keep your tv stand sturdy and tight, the farmhouse look is continued on the sleek black finish with white clapboard furniture. This tv stand is a top-grade addition to your home, and would be an excellent addition to your den, living room, or bedroom, this rustic brown tv stand is an enticing choice for enthusiasts that want a stylish tv stand but don't want to spend a lot of money. It imparts a sturdy build and is a good size for small apartments or bedrooms, this stand also eliminates the need to the tv stand every time you move it in and out of the room.