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Boone Mountain Tv Stand

This Boone Mountain tv stand is a splendid addition to your tv set-up, it gives a simple look and feel that will make your tv show feel like you're part of the family. The stand can hold up to 000 tv channels and can be customized with your own brand's name and logo.

Boone Mountain Tv Stand Ebay

The Boone Mountain tv stand is a terrific addition to your television set-up, it's made of craftsman oak and renders a sturdy design, making it a peerless fit for your television. This tv stand can easily store your television, and is likewise top-of-the-line for taking up space in the living room, this Boone Mountain tv stand is a practical alternative to keep your tv experience on the go. The stand is fabricated of craftsman oak and features a digital display, it is high enough to place your tvs in and low enough to be placed in aides or under a desk. The stand is further made of stainless steel for years of use, this stand can be used for watching your tv shows and movies without having to be sitting down. The wood material is heavy and sturdy, making it a peerless substitute for shoppers with higher-end tv sets, the stand also competitions to two- volumes, making it a reliable and durable piece of equipment. It gives a sleek craftsman oak look and feel that will make your television the stand can accommodate an 4 k ultra hdtv, and renders two adjustable heights for different viewing positions, additionally, it imparts two blaring sound options, so you can have the best television experience while still being able to hear your friends and family.