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Tv Stand Vesa 400x400

The Vesa tv stand is a splendid solution for shoppers who desiderate a large, sturdy tv stand that can accommodate most displays, the 400 x400 size peerless for most homes, and it can be easily mounted on a wall or airlines movie theater-style screen. The Vesa team presents also included a strong design with this stand, making it ensure that it will last for many years.

Cheap Tv Stand Vesa 400x400

This tv stand comes with a swivel mount for most 30-55 led tv models, it can be used to support a tv stand or monitor in the corner. The table top tv stand can be used to hold a tv or movie while they are playing, it is manufactured of sturdy materials and renders a swivel mount for easily reaching your tv. The tv stand peerless for watching your favorite shows in complete privacy, the built-in wooden base provides a height of 99 lbs. The tv stand also gives an easy-to-use handle and is fabricated from durable materials, this tv stand is for the universal table tv stand which includes stand, tv, flat screen tv, and mouse. It can be used to stand on top of a plasma flat screen tv or a led tv, the stand can also be used as a makeshift tv stand when space is limited. This universal tv stand is prime for your tvs - with it you get an ad-hoc tv stand too, this stand takes tvs from 69-54 inch height with no problems. It also stands up to harsh conditions for paint and other layers, it's terrific for use with tvs in the following sizes: 37-55 inch, 54-63 inch, 67-74 inch, and 74-83 inch.