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Industrial Tv Stand Wheels

This industrial tv stand has sleek wheels that make it easy to move. The wood grain finish tv stand has durable metal wheels for security and stability.

Industrial Tv Stand Wheels Walmart

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Industrial Tv Stand Wheels Amazon

This industrial tv stand has two mechanisms to move: a top mechanism that pulls the stand up and smooths its movement and a bottom mechanism that rotate the stand around its vertical axis. The stand can beclimate-controlled to improve its power and reduction qualities. this rustic tv stand has sturdy wheels and a big metal stand. It's a great way to keep your tv in good condition, and makes a great addition to your industrial home. the duralivingston collection tv stand in brown oak wood grain finish is a great value for your television stand. It is made of durable duralivingston wood grain finish and metal wheels for stability. It has a large surface area for your television stand and is perfect for larger models. this industrial tv stand wheels is a great choice for those that want to put their tv in a way that you can't find it inside your house! It's a great addition to your home and can be a great space for your collection or to store your tvs!