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Samsung Tripod Tv Stand

This sturdy, symmetrical tv stand has a swivel feature to allow it to swivel up to 400 mm, and tilt to 32-70 mm for use with over-the-air or digital tv, it also has a floor stand to make it easy to move around.

Samsung Tripod Tv Stand Ebay

This sturdy and lightweight tv Tripod stand is the perfect addition to your tv corner store, with an easy-to-use swivel feature, this stand can be used to level or titrate your tv's height. The floor stand can also be used as a portability option for your tv's field of view, this portable tv stand is a great way to keep your tv in one place while you're watching your movie or video. It has a swivel head to reach up to vertical while the tilt head can be used to get perfect position to watch your movie or video, this stand is also portable enough that you can take it where you want to go without having to search for a table or stool. Plus, the front platform provides some extra clearance for watching your movie or video on low or projective tvs, this easy to use and lightweight tv Tripod stand is a great way to use your tv without having to carry around a trip to the tv. The stand can be used to prop up your tv while you watch your movie, or to steadies the tv while you are watching a movie, the sturdy design means that this tv Tripod stand will last long on the inside and outside of your tv. The stand can be attached to either side of the tv for full height viewing, and it has a built-in tray to store the tv's, the stand is also lightweight and easy to move, making it perfect for small tv sets.