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Samsung Tv Stand Replacement

This 12"tall, 4"diameter stand works with the following Samsung tvs: 6002-001294, 6002-001293, 5 k8 5 k6 5 k4 4 k8 4 k6 4 k4 3 m9 3 m8 3 m7 3 m6 3 m5 3 m4 3 m3 3 m2 3 m1 3 3 m1 4 k8 4 k6 4 k4 3 m9 3 m8 3 m7 3 m6 3 m5 3 m4 3 m3 2 m1 1 1 m1.

Parts ✅❤️️✅❤️
For Samsung Un49nu6300fxza Television (used)

Samsung Tv Stand Legs

This is an excellent 4-pack of tv stand legs for the Samsung 603-001334 m4 made of durable plastic, these legs have a low-warp protection that will keep your tv stand scouring good, the set of four effortless to operate and installation is simple. This is a splendid for keeping your tv safe and secure, it comes with two base stand posts, and can be customized to suit any wall size. It's also straightforward to put on and take off, making it an excellent addition to all home entertainment setup, this is a Samsung tv stand part number: 55 an and is fabricated from durable materials like plastic and steel. It may or may not be original, but it will do until you get your hands on a new one, this stand also works with and replaces the popular korean a series tv stands. So assuming that hunting for a stand that'll help you watch your movie or tv show anywhere you go, Samsung j5200 an a stand is the stand for you, this is a stand that fits the 32 lcd tv. It can be attached to a base for viewing, or it can be used as a wall stability for your device.