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Samsung Tv Stand Not Level

This is an outstanding addition to your home and top-notch for his needs, the base mount tv stand provides a Level base to stand on and basic installation with no screws required. This product from Samsung is our top of the line tv stand and comes with your purchase.

Best Samsung Tv Stand Not Level

This stand is Not Level when you stand on it, it needs to be to Level so that you can watch your movie on that side and also hold the tv in the desired position. The stand gives two screws on it for the Level to be level, it presents four screws at one end that go down to the floor and another four screws at the other end. The stand is fabricated of aluminum and the screws are metal, the screws go in through the hole in the stand and up the stand. The stand is wide enough to tailor a tv with a milk glass screen, it grants a screw for each corner and a tv-stand. Org to keep it in place, the stand is manufactured of metal and the screws are metal. This Samsung tv stand is Not Level so it can't be used as a tv stand, it gives a style top that needs to be Level with the tv stand base. The stand extends two Level indicator lights to make sure it is level, but be aware that it may wobble if it is Level with the tv stand base, this is an used Samsung tv stand that is Not Level with the room you live in. It is fabricated from sturdy plastic and extends two Level settings, the stand can hold an 4-porter tv and renders two screw on legs to stay Level in the room. The stand grants a low noise Level and a high Level of comfort, this stand is unequaled for a large tv or any room with a Level width.